Tattykeel Certified Ewes

Record breaking purchase of ‘Tattykeel Certified’ Ewes
CONDOBOLIN, New South Wales

We are pleased to announce that the Glenowra Australian White sheep stud are one of the first to purchase ‘Tattykeel Certified’ Australian White ewes.

With quality and consistency at the heart of our brand, the Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud want to expand our operations globally, producing the world’s finest lamb. Maintaining the integrity of the Australian White lineage is vital to ensuring the high-quality superiority of the lamb.

Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud has aligned with the newly launched ‘Tattykeel Certified’ program to assist and support the Gilmore family breeders of the Tattykeel Australian White stud in Oberon, to ensure clients have confidence in the genetic integrity and pure Aussie White bloodline.

The Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud stand behind and endorse the ‘Tattykeel Certified’ program to eradicate the confusion and dilution in the current marketplace. To delineate the Australian White ewes, they were sold with ‘Tattykeel Certified’ red ear tag.

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Certified Tattykeel Ewes