Developed locally, the Australian White sheep breed is genetically superior, delivering
award-winning produce, making it highly sought after globally.


The Australian White is a high-quality self-replacing, haired, proven breed for the western climate. The breed adapts easily to hot and cold climates. During winter, the Australian Whites build a thick coat and then during the warmer months their hair becomes finer post shedding. They have thick skin, do not require treatment for parasites and do not require sheering. Rams mature weight average between 110-120 kgs and ewes between 70-80kgs.

At Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud our goal is to breed our elite stud to develop the best quality Australian White sheep in size, muscle, full shed, with black feet features. Our breeding program is to develop elite ewes which breed triplets and twins with ease and have a 140% minimum lambing rate.


The Australian White Sheep is a highly profitable breed with its elite genetic attributes and award-winning eating quality. Being easy care and low maintenance, this breed has introduced a more economical way to produce lamb, reducing costs and increasing yield.


The Australian White (AW) was developed in Australia by two brothers, Graham and Martin Gilmore on the Tattykeel properties in Black Springs, NSW and the breed was launched in 2011.

To develop the Australian White, the brothers used a combination of embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and selective line breeding, using the top characteristics of the four source breeds. These source breeds were the Texel, Poll Dorset, White Dorper and Van Rooy.

The original design was to be a self-replacing meat sheep that sheds its own hair, can survive in extreme weather conditions (from cold and wet to hot and arid environments), early maturing, and breed year-round.


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