Stud Ram Purchase at Red Hill Auction

Stud Ram Purchase at Red Hill Auction
WONGARBON, New South Wales

The Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud team attended the Red Hill auction on Friday, coming away with four rams (one stud) from the 7th on-property auction described as ‘unbelievable!’ by the vendor Robert Endacott. The Glenowra Stud’s purchase of four Australian White rams included the second top-priced stud ram at $9500, with an average of $6000 across the draft.

The Red Hill 20095 ram, sired by Tattykeel 180204, weighs 103kg as an August 2020 drop ram, and was a twin born out of Red Hill 150312.

Glenowra stud made the decision to purchase the second top priced ram, in order to maintain and uphold our core values of quality, as seen in the genetics of 20095. The aim is to contribute to our goal of breeding the best quality Australian White sheep in size, muscle, full shed and 140% lambing rate. Likewise, the Red Hill stud are committed to breeding Australian White sheep that consistently produce lambs with exceptional growth rates, carcass shape and early maturity, which has been achieved through a rigorous selection of quality stud stock from the Tattykeel and Ardess Australian White Sheep studs, along with their own quality stud sires.

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