Record 7,000 Breeding Ewes



New Breeding Ewes for Glenowra CONDOBOLIN, New South Wales

Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud just purchased another 1,000 ewes in May 2021, increasing the breeding stock flock to 7,000 breeding ewes.

Purchased from Carters at Nyngan, these Australian White ewes are 11 months old and their elite genetic attributes will continue the strict line breeding principles that Glenowra is known for. Known for their consistent supreme quality, the Australian White Sheep breed has been specifically bred and raised at Glenowra to be acclimatised to the harsh Western environment.

At Glenowra Australian White Sheep Stud our goal is to breed our elite stud to develop the best quality Australian White sheep in size, muscle, full shed, with black feet features. Our breeding program is to develop elite ewes which breed triplets and twins with ease and we are aiming to have 140% minimum lambing rate for an October 2021 drop.